If I had to travel back in time to when I was slowly learning and developing my heart for photography and exploring it’s world, I could never have imagined myself writing a blog about my own photography business. And yet, here I am today! And loving it so much more than I could have dreamed.

I decided while I was thinking about this, that sharing a little bit about who I am might help you see my passion for what I do in a new and different light.

My husband Shane and I live in a little Eastern Free Sate town called Bethlehem in South Africa. I fell in love with this place the moment we were called to move here in 2013 for Shane’s ministry. We are surrounded by a town bursting with beautiful community and family we love. We cherish the surroundings we live in-especially the mountains where we go hiking as often as we can… Where weather changes constantly and light is absolutely gorgeous almost every hour of the day. A quiet and full life we live. One of our favorite past times together is adventuring here with our miniature daschund Marmite. I am incredibly blessed to be in the perfect environment to figure out what it is to be a wife, home-maker, adventurer and I am loving the journey of developing an explanation for why I have an absolute passion for light and capturing it.

As my journey here will grow and abound in many more avenues, opinions and styles in being a photographer, I have a conclusion to share about my heart for light right now, where I am today, writing this…

I hope and strive to capture people truly. Just as raw and as beautiful as they are. No harsh editing or pretending.

I desire for people to be heard and felt, listened to and appreciated.

For a photoshoot with me to have a lasting, even eternal impact on who they are.

My desire is to make the person I am capturing feel extraordinary in who they were created to be, in the moment I’m photographing them. Whether as a bride or groom, baby or elderly couple, I want to reveal their beauty and make them feel loved while being captured.

If I had to paint a picture of what I mean, I’d describe it as if I welcome them in to my home and hope they feel peace to relax and be who they are.. almost as if we’ve been friends for years. To laugh and breathe in a safe place where they can put their feet up and pour their hearts out while I pour them tea.

I see it a privilege to be ready with a camera in the midst of where life is desperately calling out to be captured so that an important or special moment can be re-lived or caught in time, where a simple subject can be seen and appreciated by not only my eye… And sometimes a “click-click” just because ‘why not?’

I believe photography is something precious used by God to display His heart for His creation, be it person, animal or object. All of it because it’s Him, because everything is created for and through Him. His heart is in it and a part of all of it. And then why wouldn’t I want to capture it all?

Photography as a whole subject doesn’t need a reason, it is a magnificent gift that has many secret places still to be discovered!
And it again is a privilege to be sitting here writing this today, because I’ve chosen to adventure into the gift I’ve been given.

I hope you will tag alongside me in my journey of discovery:)