We took a trip to the sea recently for a conference, not to have a break or in search of answers to questions in my heart. But of course when my ears are open, desiring and thirsty for more of Him I notice that in the quiet the sculptor is sculpting as He always does, patiently and with purpose working in His gentle way.

One morning we went for a walk on a dog-friendly beach and I delighted in the silliness of these creatures when it comes to sand and sea. Their excitement levels reach way beyond anything I could imagine and then an engulfing laugh boiled up in my belly as is usual with these specific animals and their tactics. I believe dogs without a doubt were created to bring humans a taste of the joy of God. If that is all, then that is enough. And I found myself wishing I brought my own tiny pup to the beach to experience this freedom every other dog was having.

As I sat legs stretched out in the warm sunlight and drank in this perfect day at the sea, I noticed a little white dog sitting at the water’s edge staring into the distance. I didn’t think much of it but 10 minutes later my eyes caught the dog in the same place, his face unmoving from the waves. Intrigued, I couldn’t stop staring and wondering at this peculiar situation.

He didn’t once move his gaze from the ocean to look or get involved in the ruckus of the other dogs around him or even the people walking by who petted him. And the more I stared in amazement at this scene, I couldn’t help but get my camera fired up. This is too much of an interesting story to leave un-captured! I walked up to him and “as true as Bob” (as my mom would say) he sat, comfortably and contently staring at whatever had caught his attention so. I was enthralled at this scene.

And as every photographer would do, I snapped away at every angle. But when I adjusted myself to get a photo from behind him, my eyes adjusted their natural blur and I focused on what was in the distance directly ahead of him, I noticed what this little dog was staring at. He refused to look away from his owner who swam in the waves precisely ahead of him.

And a lump stuck in my throat. As this seemingly insignificant scene played out before me, a whisper of a truth of God, being so obvious and known in my head hit me deep inside my heart for the first time. As this dog stared and watched every move of his master, uninterested in the luring of the ‘world’ around him, so must I be with God, my own Master. The one that loves me and cares for me. The one that feeds and shelters me.

I need to position myself in contentment with Him, to wait on Him, to watch Him. And when other loves, desires, fears, and distractions tempt my heart to look away, that I could stay steadfast in looking at and learning every move the Father makes.

That staring at Him is so worth it because He chose to stare at me first, that He gave me a home in Him because He knows me, just like the little white dog found in his master.

Micah 7:7 But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.